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GOOGLE ALOGRITHMS: Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird

It has been so long we've not talked about search engine optimization and the time arrives now. So, we're going to pick up the interesting topic - Google Algorithms : Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird. In the past, these were the terrible animals for people but now Google have made them terrible for webmasters. Every webmaster know them very well if you don't get them known before you get hit from them and almost everyone don't want to get them on their way. Yeah! There are also some webmasters (specially called SEO Analysts) who love to fight with them.

Let's come to the real fact now. Google Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird are the algorithms that Google uses in its big search engine. In order to display search results of the desired keyword, Google uses some factors but usually after the gap of 2 3 months Google update these algorithms and they just make changes in the whole search results. Simply, some websites rank lower and some higher after the update. These Google algorithms uses many factors, points, rules to penalize any website or to gift the high rank to them.

I'm writing this article specially for newbies who don't have heard about these Google algorithms before. Commonly, I've described about these algorithms that what they're and what they do but let's dig more about these algorithms one by one.

1. Google Panda

Those were the days when the development of websites was increasing more and more but mostly more than half of them were just duplicating other well published websites. People were copying content from others site instead of creating their own original and high quality content. Some were even re-writing the content by using tools. It was growing more and more even more than spam, this all was just happening to make money online but at last, it was all illegal and original owners had to took action against copyright law but how many complaints do they report, it was a very huge number. Than suddenly in February 2011, Google made a blast and introduces Google Panda. Panda is aimed to take down the sites that has low quality content, duplicate content or re-written content and rank high the original owner. Many sites were affect on the first release and ruined all the crappy sites. If you use to copy content from other sites than remember, you'll dead by Panda soon.

2. Google Penguin

After Panda, The number of duplicating others content by decreasing rapidly but on other side people had started doing over-optimization. Penguin kick the sites away from Google search results who violate Google webmaster guidelines or make use of black hat techniques to rank higher in SERP. This Google algorithm's first release was introduced on 24 April, 2012 and Penguin 2.1 was the most recent update made on 4 Oct 2013. This recent update had affected only 1% searches but previous ones had made big changes. If you do over optimization like keyword stuffing, keyword density out of range, anchor text link building spam, link spam than you will probably get hit from Penguin. Avoid black hat techniques to rank high in SERP and don't violate Google webmaster guidelines to be safe with Google Penguin.

3. Google Hummingbird

When there were Panda and Penguin, many spammers gave up because their all work was going waste and on other hand, Google wanted to grow more and more. Another Google Algorithm called Hummingbird was released on September 27, 2013. Actually, Google revealed this algorithm on that date but Google had started using it back from August 2013. The gurus say that this algorithm is used to bring better and more natural search results. This algorithm improved the way Google showed the search results. Better search results as accurate results, graph results like if I search for "Whats time now in USA" than it directly displays the time in search results page instead of going into the next page. Hummingbird is just all about improving the search results but it took down many sites and also raised the high quality sites.


Now, You just be a good guy and don't mess with these Google algorithms otherwise you can also be their next enemy. Take the guides some experts to be best friends with these algorithms. Being friend with them will let you touch more and more success. That was all for today and hope you enjoyed reading it out. Make a share of this article with your friends. Cheers!


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