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6 Proven Ways To Increase Website Traffic


Do you think that you’ll publish a new post and people will start sharing and commenting on it? Absolutely, No! Website traffic is always a major problem for Bloggers. Quality Content is not enough for traffic. You have to spread your content all over the world. Without readers / visitors you're website is nothing? It doesn't matter, if you've posted good and informative post on your blog. If it isn't seen by readers. And the only way to get our posts read by people is to promote it. So today, we're going to share some proven strategies for increasing your website traffic. Here's a Proven Methods to Increase Website Traffic in the year.

Socializing - Each blog post should be promoted on social media 

The Social Media usage is increasing day by day. People are using social media for both business and personal usage. Let's take an example of Facebook there are billions of active users on Facebook. So, if you share your blog posts on Facebook, I think it would be great for you. I know what you're thinking now, that how is it possible to reach all those billions of people? It's impossible, I know. But there are hundreds of Facebook group having millions of members. So, just join those groups and share your posts on daily basis. You can get those groups by using Google.

But remember, social media isn’t all about posting content, it’s more about engagement.  So, do post your content, Ask opinions, Do surveys and take the full benefit of social media.

Share your content more that once a day

Many of us have the mentality of sharing once and done. But that's wrong. You publish a new post, and you'll share it just once, so what about those people who missed your post? Some people log in to their account daily, and some people are not regular like others, they log in to their accounts after 1-2 days, while some people on a monthly basis. So what about those people? That's why you should share your content more than once a day.

Okay consider you Publish a post on your website daily. After sharing that post on your social media accounts, share your previous posted content after 5-6 hours and keep sharing your posts after a certain interval.
Here's a simple Time Table for you:

Publish a Post Today! Share it > Share it again after 2 - 3 days >> Share it again after a week and then share the same post after a Month. Isn't it simple?

But remember; don't behave like lazy people by sharing 15-20 times a day. The best way is to share 3-5 times a day and keep your followers busy. Enough said!

Extra Tip:
Share the same post more than once with different Unique and Catchy headlines. Share it with a quote, its title or write an interesting headline.

Participate in Communities Related to you Niche

Here's another killer tip to boost your traffic. Engaging with other bloggers is a great way to boost your traffic. It’s a proven strategy and it helped me a lot in increasing my website traffic.

Lets take an example, you're a designer and imagine what would happen if hundreds of designers meet at one place? Obviously they will share their ideas etc. Same in the case of blogging, if you join a blogging community, you'll meet other bloggers and all of you share your posts. In this way they'll visit your blog and it’s impossible that you wouldn't find some interesting posts written by other blogger.

In this way, you can boost your traffic and engage with other bloggers. And thankfully, you don't need to spend a dime to figure out where a large portion of your audience can be found on the web. So participate in communities related to your niche, engage with other bloggers and increase your website traffic. 

Focus on your Design

"First Impression is the last impression". The first thing that people notice when they visit your blog is your blog design. So, if you want people to stay on your blog then you should give your blog an eye catching look, if they get interested in your blog design then they will read that what you've published on your blog. To make your blog attractive you should give then a clean design which includes Beautiful Header, Easy Navigation and User Friendly.

Submit Your Blog to Bookmarking Websites

Another great way to boost your blog traffic is to submit your content to best bookmarking websites like stumble upon, Reedit, Digg and more. So, submit your blog posts to these bookmarking websites and boost up your traffic. 

Guest Posting

What is Guest Posting? Simply, guest posting is to write an article and submit it to a website that accept guest posts. If your post gets accepted, they'll publish your article on their website and in return you'll get a backlink to your blog. Simple. Right!


I am sure that these methods will surely make a change in your traffic reports. So, apply it and keep visiting us for more spicy tips. Happy Blogging!


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