Friday, March 27, 2015

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5 Easy Steps To Increase Blog Traffic


1. Make a good Keyword Articles
Too many keywords (long tail keywords) can make low competition, meaning the search is rarely done by writing long keyword. Step is easy. Do not worry about keyword density and most importantly to write original content, interesting, informative.


2. Optimized Post Title
Keyword optimization is still there in addition to the first step. Creating keyword density will alleviate the problem the original content. Keywords are the easiest way for a search engine for connecting traffic to the site they are looking for. Place keywords in the title as close as possible to the keywords that are often searched person to help search engines find your website or blog

3. Image More Effective than pile word

The server does not read images. But he read the description placed in the tag. The placement of the keywords in image alt tags is another way search engines can find the content and can bring the article to search engine that deserve a ranking.

4. Placement Keyword
Place the keywords in title, keywords in your subtitle, keywords in the text of your article or sentence in the first paragraph and the last in the blog, and of course in your picture by using alt tag. Once you have these 5 keywords in place, one in each paragraph or in any other sentence that is more than enough and not too much. And do not forget to write naturally

5. Answer The Questions
Once formatted and optimized, answer the following questions ..?
Are your article interesting?
Is your article informative?
Are your articles answer questions that often arise?
Is there something that is valuable to the reader?
Is your article original?

If all answered YES, then buddy has implemented excellent SEO formula.

Hope, you will like our post. So please share it with your friends on social media. Happy Blogging !


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